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Cuckoo clocks and beer steins

Our cuckoo clocks and beer mugs are handmade.
 Production takes place exclusively in Germany. 

 Our cuckoo clocks are made from Black Forest wood. All our steins are painted by hand.

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our latest products

1 Tag Kuckucksuhr classic
Manufacturer: Hekas

1 Tag Kuckucksuhr Heidi Haus
Manufacturer: Hoenes

1 Tag Kuckucksuhr mit Eichhörnchen
Manufacturer: Hoenes

1 Tag Kuckucksuhr Wandersmann
Manufacturer: Hoenes

1 Tages Kuckucksuhr Classic
Manufacturer: Trenkle

14 geschnitzte Blätter mit Trauben 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Hekas

18 Blätter geschnitzt traditioneller Stil 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Hekas

2 Stamper „Loreley“
Manufacturer: Artina

5 Blatt, 1 Kuckucksvogel, tief geschnitzte 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Hekas

5 Blätter mit Tänzern
Manufacturer: Hekas

7 Blätter, 3 Vögel handgeschnitzt 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Hekas

8 Tage Kuckucksuhr /Förster/Hund geschnitzt
Manufacturer: Montag Steins & Clocks

8 Tage Kuckucksuhr classic
Manufacturer: Hekas

8 Tage Kuckucksuhr mit Musik Jagdstück mit geschnitzten Figuren
Manufacturer: Hoenes

8 Tage Kuckucksuhr mit Musik Jäger Schnitzereien Hirschkopf mit Holzgeweih
Manufacturer: Hoenes

8 Tage Kuckucksuhr Spitzdach mit Musikspielern
Manufacturer: Trenkle

Almhaus mit Liebespaar und der Vater mag es nicht 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr mit Musik
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Almhaus mit Reh und bemalten Blumen 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Montag Steins & Clocks

Angelszene mit Wald 1 Tag Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Engstler

Angler mit einem großen Wels 0,5L
Manufacturer: Montag Steins & Clocks


Cuckoo Clocks

Buying a cuckoo clock nowadays is not an easy thing. There are so many companies selling cuckoo clocks that have no idea about clocks.  We are a family business and have been selling cuckoo clocks since 1973, then after 25 years, we bought the business in 1998.

Our store has the Largest Free-hanging cuckoo clock in the world. We help develop new ideas with the manufacturers in the making of new cuckoo clock models. So if you are looking for a Cuckoo Clock you finally came to the right place.

Let us help you find one.....


The difference in the clocks can be well explained. You have a choice of a 1 day or 8-day cuckoo clock. With or without music, carved or house styles (black forest or chalet style). First of all, ALL CUCKOO CLOCKS have 2 weights.... one is always for the cuckoo and the other is for the time only with a 3rd weight it will play music.

Rote 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Weisse 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Schnee Eulen Kuckucksuhr 8 Tage
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Original Schwarzwald Uhr 8 Tage mitMusik
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Bahnhäusel mit geschindeltemdach und 2 Vögeln
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Kiefernzapfen Kuckucksuhr Dunkel gebeizt mit zwei Vögel
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Kuckucksuhr 1 Tag , Schwarzwaldhaus mit Mädel
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Hufschmied mit Schwarzwaldhaus 1 Tag Kuckucksuhr mit Musik
Manufacturer: Hoenes

Heidi mit Opa 8 Tage Kuckucksuhr mit Musik
Manufacturer: Hoenes

1 Tag Kuckucksuhr Heidi Haus
Manufacturer: Hoenes


Beer steins

All our steins are unique handcrafted in Germany by use of antique techniques of expert sculpting by Artisans that practice the centuries old craft, of native German stein making.

In the early 1500s, Germany established laws requiring that all food and beverage containers be covered to protect their contents, in reaction to several fly invasions. In response, easy to open "steinmugs" were created with the lid, hinge and thumb lift combined. Made from German clay and created by skilled craftsmen, you carry on a European tradition with you own artful stein.

The Authenticity of these Steins handcrafted and hand painted by native German Stein-crafters and Stein-painters is certified from our manufactures. Located in Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Westerwald in Germany.

Graf Zeppelin stein, the man wo invented the Zepplin
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Gymnastik Vater Jahn Bierkrug.
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Berlin Wall Set 1st - 5th Issue german top quality beer stein collector
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Greifadler Krug 0,75l handbemalt
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Loreley 0,5 L antik
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Cherusker Bierkrug 1L gelb
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Vikingerkrug Szene gelb bemalt 0,75l
Manufacturer: Thewalt

Vikingerkrug szene Antik 0,75l
Manufacturer: Thewalt

HB Hofbraeuhaus Salt glazed 0,5 Liter german beer mug
Manufacturer: King

See Bass Krug 0,75l gelb
Manufacturer: King


Beer Steins and Mugs 

High Quality Products Made in Germany

Beer stein also called "stein" is a synonym for beer mugs made out of stoneware. A Stein has for the most people a close connection to the German Oktoberfest. Such Steins may be made out of stoneware, porcelain, pewter or even glass. Modern steins can be made of synthetic material, too.

Some of them have open tops or hinged pewter lids with a thumb lever. Steins usually come in sizes of a half liter or a full liter. All Steins and Mugs that we carry are made in the Westerwald Mountains.

The reason for that is because they have a big clay quarry where they find the material to make all these Steins. 

The Beerstein-Shop is family owned since 30 years. We have the largest collection of Beersteins in the world. We have about 3.000 Steins in our shop, and we specialize in fine collector Beersteins.

All 100% made in Germany. All our Steins have pewter lids and we are proud to say, that

we only carry high-quality german Products.

Check out our large an multifaceted selection of German beer steins.

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If you're looking for high-quality products AND good advice, you've come to the right place. Every detailed question can and will be answered here!


Corné Oosthuizen

Great demonstration of how the Cuckoo Clock works and the history thereof. Large variety of clocks to choose from and in various different sizes


Geoff Butler

We have recently purchased a Stunningly Beautiful Black forest Cuckoo Clock from Montag Steins & clocks. Marcus has gone above & beyond to answer all of our questions before & after purchase, making sure we got the exact clock we were looking for. Highly recommend & would not hesitate to purchase from them again. Excellent customer service. Many Thanks


Daniel Linehan

Marcus helped me complete my collection of Oktoberfest Steins. He is very professional, helpful and patient. He takes the time to explain the process of ordering and shipping and the Steins I purchased were packaged very well and protected from being damaged during shipping. Everything arrived in a timely fashion and was exactly as described. Heis shop is highly recommended.